5 Great Ways to Keep Fit Any Time of Year

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Whether this summer has seen you over indulge on BBQ’s or treats, or seen the initial excitement of a new fitness plan wear off, there is never a bad time to assess your health. The thing is, what do you do so that the enthusiasm stays high, the fun never stops and you get a great reward both mentally and physically from doing it?


We thought we would take a look at 5 ways you can keep yourself fit anytime of year and keep a smile on your face whilst doing so!


Latin Dancing

The energetic pace and the variety of movements in latin dancing have been see to benefit fitness in people of all ages, and now, with a huge number of clubs available, it’s even easier to get involved. 

Salsa in particular lends itself to helping fitness, and with venues up and down the country as well as TV prorammes showcasing its allure, many are starting to see the benefits.

Proven to assist with weight loss, lower cholesterol and aid joint and bone health, salsa can see you get in shape whilst looking good.

In addition to the physical benefits, salsa, and other forms of dancing help you mentally too. Studies have shown that those visiting dance classes have seen reduced levels of stress, improved self confidence and strengthened  social skills.


Pole Fitness

Often seen as an activity favoured by women and automatically assumed to lead to pole dancing, pole fitness is huge right now and is being enjoyed by both men and women. Due to the variety of moves available to work on, you help keep your body flexible, improve your cardiovascular health and build up your strength. Much like the dancing we mentioned earlier, pole dancing will also help with your mental health, allowing you to develop your confidence and social skills. Furthermore, whilst the reasonings can not be found for the findings, sleep quality has been found to improve for those that do regular aerobic exercise.


Roller Skating

Putting yourself on a set of wheels and racing around can be a fantastic way to get the heart pumping and keep yourself fit. WIth it possible for people of all ages to enjoy, roller skating can be competitive or social. Either way it is benefitting your fitness levels! Insights into the benefits of roller skating have shown that just 1 hour a week can burn off 600 calories. This isn’t all though, your cardiovascular health is massively improved as you speed, or canter around the rink. It doesn’t stop there either, roller skating helps with muscle definition, improves balance and is actually much better for your joints than running and walking! Just like our other activities, mental health is sure to improve when skating and with it being an activity that can be enjoyed with friends, or by yourself, you’ll find your social skills improve too. One thing that concerns many is knowing how to roller skate, luckily most rinks like ours offer guidance so you never feel uncomfortable on the rink and many will offer lessons so you can find all the best techniques.



Swimming is an obvious choice really! Practically every town has a pool and they operate from early in the morning to late at night. Even if you can’t swim, many pools offer water aerobics that have proven to be a great way of developing strength, meeting people and generally improving fitness.

Swimming itself though is a fantastic way to get your body and mind the way you want them. It is great for your heart, and unlike many other activities, it doesn’t create the impact stresses that can be common. Great for toning muscles, brilliant for your lungs and exceptional for creating an all over body workout. Most of your muscles get to work when you are in the pool! Should you already be suffering from an injury, swimming is also great for providing you with a good level of therapy that could assist the recovery process. As with the other activities, swimming will also assist with your mental health too!


Spin Classes

Getting out on a bike isn’t always possible, or perhaps it is, but you just don’t fancy cycling in the wind or rain! This is why spin classes were born! Able to replicate different terrains, easy for you to go at a speed that suits you and a great way to benefit pretty much all of your body. Calories fall off when in a spin class and you’ll find your mood improves too. You’ll also see benefits to your heart, lungs and mood. The intensity can be high but overall spin is a low impact activity meaning very low risk to your joints. A study by a US based clinic showed that spin aids against chronic issues such as heart disease, strokes and diabetes.


Which of the 5 are you picking? We would love to see you at The REC Rink, enjoying sessions of roller skating. With assistance always on hand and lessons ready to book, contact our team today to get your new fitness plan going! Located in Horsham park, and offering high quality service as well as high quality food and drink, The REC Rink can be your health haven as you enjoy a new activity!roller-skates-g844a3ddf0_1920

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