The Best 5 Christmas Party Ideas For The Office

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Chances are, somebody in your team has been tasked with finding something for you and your colleagues to do this Christmas. With covid restrictions having made this more of a rarity over the past few years, this could be the first event many of you have done as a team.


We know budgets can make things restrictive and sometimes travel can be an issue too so we have looked at a few options that are readily available, great fun and affordable.


Where are you going to party this Christmas?


Escape rooms partie

Escape rooms have grown in popularity in recent years. Working as a team to solve the problem. Given a set amount of time, your group must solve the puzzles by cracking the clues. Normally worked through in teams of 8-10 you are locked in with no way of escape until the time runs out. Different rooms may have different themes which can really help show the strengths of your team mates! In some cases there can be an element of live action which adds to the excitement and possibly fear!

Unfortunately there aren’t too many that offer food and drink so the party may mean you need to move on to another venue. With numbers limited too, these may work better if your office is a small team.


Karaoke party

You just know that somebody in the office may claim to have a great singing voice, you may have another that says an X-factor audition just didn’t go their way. Well….Let’s have them prove it! 

Often hosted in multipurpose venues so you can mix and match the activities, karaoke parties are huge right now. Party packages allow you to add on food and drink too which makes it easy to have the event under one roof and save on transport costs. Durations may vary but tend to be set at 90mins-2hours of songs.

Whilst these parties are great fun and a guaranteed laugh, singing can make some people feel uncomfortable so it may be best to think hard if this is one for you all! However, once the drink flows, everyone thinks they are a superstar…..


Roller skating group parties

It was inevitable we would suggest roller skating but hear us out! Roller skating is going through a boom right now and bringing your team along to a local rink is a perfect opportunity for laughs, excitement, good food and some decent exercise! With enough space to hold the whole office and their plus ones, a  skating party brings people together and provides an evening, or an afternoon full of entertainment. Almost all rinks offer food and drink as part of the packages and like with karaoke, they tend to be in a venue with multiple activities. Take The REC Rink for example, with a live music venue downstairs, the party can continue when the roller disco ends!

The concern most people have associated with roller skating is falling over and hurting yourself. Totally understandable. Full protective gear is issued so you can spin, boogie and roll as much as you like.

Go-Karting team event

Find out whether a Max Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton hides in the accounts dept by hosting a go-karting competition. Speed, excitement and possible humiliation for the slowest driver means that go-karting can provide a great team event. With the venue breaking it down into heats, you can cram multiple races into the evening and then cap it off with a burger and beer in the pitlane afterwards! Full safety briefs are given and the tracks, on the whole, are not too challenging to make any drivers feel out of their depth.

There isn’t much to stop you from enjoying go-karting but some people are concerned about the danger element. All tracks provide plenty of safety gear and will limit numbers on the circuit to ensure a safer driving environment.

Also, check in advance if the venue has catering facilities as some don’t but are located near to pubs or other entertainment venues.


Murder mystery party

Much like an escape room, a murder mystery party pools the team together as you hunt for the murderer. The only thing, the murderer is one of you! Team members will immerse themselves into a role, dress in character and let a different version of themselves be seen by all!

A dinner is laid on and in many cases the venues are stately homes, or spooky old houses.

These are great fun and provide amazing photo ops that will make your work social media a hub of activity! Some are created to be immersive with other actors, others are made so that you are all given a role to play. Numbers per event vary and some are curated to host up to 400 people!

These are great but if you are a little shy of confidence, playing the role of someone else may seem a little intimidating! It is fun though!

5 awesome party ideas for you and your team to choose from. Which one are you doing? If roller skating floats your boat, reach out to us! We can customise a work xmas event to your needs. Whether you want food and drink, gig tickets or use of our pool tables in our sports bar, we have the ways to make your night something special! 

We are experts in providing groups of all ages, and sizes with memorable events so get in touch and let’s create some festive fun.



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