What Are The Best Roller Skates For Beginners?

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Roller skating has seen a rapid rise in interest over the past few years. The retro revival has meant that many people have started to fully immerse themselves in the hobbies they enjoyed when they were much younger.

The thing is, it isn’t just people reliving their youth. Young children, teenagers, and the 18-30 generation are all booting up and getting on the rink for roller disco fun.


As with anything though, once you are hooked, you want to go all in and as a result, want to kit yourself out with your own equipment.


Many rinks allow for the use of personal skates, giving you the opportunity to showcase not only your skills but also the flare your very own skates bring you.


We took a look at the best roller skates on the market so when you want to do some roller skating in Horsham, you can look the part as you rock the rink.


Roller Derby Firestar V2 Quad Skates

With a bit of retro and a flash of modern style, this quad skates make for a great first pair of roller skates. With prices under £40, they won’t break the bank but they will give you a durable skate that will help you get settled on the skating scene.

Decorated with glitter effect and having laces that match the boot colour, they suit the roller disco vibe but add a flash of colour to casual skating too!


SFR Vision Canvas Quad Skates

If you want to be a star on the rink, these quad skates are right up your street. With a star pattern adorning the denim look canvas uppers and vibrant red wheels, they give a flash of American retro and a hint of modern style.

Another skate that comes in at around the £40 mark makes them great for beginner or intermediate level skaters.

Perfect for kids or adults new to skating, these are a year round hit on the rink.


Moxi Rainbow Quad Skates

A proper hit of 70’s retro makes these skates THE skates for disco night. A rainbow swirl garnishes the side and the yellow wheels and blue stopper add an additional splash of colour to help make them stand out. Perfect for roller derby thanks to their durability and great for the more frequent skater due to their high quality materials. Priced at a little under £100, they do come in a little more expensive than the other options on our list but one thing is certain, you'll get your money's worth if roller skating is something you aim to keep enjoying!



These fun skates purely have the kids in mind and are absolutely perfect for the young skater looking to get used to life on the rink. A  roller skating birthday party is the place to show these off! With a trainer like design and a huge selection  of vibrant colours, these will make the little ones smile as they skate and remain safe doing so. It is suggested that the maximum weight of the child does not exceed 60kg and with its narrow fit, going a size, perhaps 2 up would be advised.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor skating, these could be what you need to help introduce your child to more frequent skating. Expect to pay around £30-£35.


Rio Roller Lumina

The Rio Roller Lumina are another skate that certainly helps the kids get more accustomed to life on a roller rink. Incredibly comfortable and a great choice for those new to skating or those that just like a more casual looking skate. The Lumina has proven a popular choice with skaters of all ages for a while now. Vibrant colours as well as some subtle tones mean they suit any style you are aiming for. With a trainer like appearance, we like these for the relaxed vibe they help bring. These are a touch more expensive than the Vibe and will set you back around £50.

No matter what type of skating you want to get into, joining us for roller skating in Horsham at The REC Rink is something you can enjoy at any age and any ability. We offer roller skating lessons for all skill levels and can facilitate groups of all sizes. Book roller skating today and show us what you got! Need to know more, contact us todachris-benson-lVhdxF2spAk-unsplash

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